Property Management Services

Fugler & Fugler Property Management


  • For over thirty (30) years  Fugler & Fugler Property Management has specialized in professional leasing and management of residential and commercial properties.
  • If you own a commercial or residential income property, you need the experience and expertise of our property management team.
  • We are licensed professionals.
  • We treat your property as a business, as a commercially available product.

Whether you look for value appreciation and capital gains, or want current income we can help you to achieve your goals.

We offer the following services when providing management services, we:

  1. Effectivly market your property for lease.
  2. Monitor lease rates in the local marketplace to determine the most effective rental rate for your property in order to achieve your goals.
  3. Screen and qualify prospective tenants.
  4. Negotiate and execute leases on behalf of the owner.
  5. Collect rent when due.
  6. Inspect the property prior to and after occupancy.
  7. Arrange and monitor maintenance of the property, for cost effective operation, and to protect the value of your asset.
  8. Deposit all income in Owner's trust Account, and disburse net proceeds to owner at monthly intervals.
  9. Send monthly reports to owner accounting for all funds received and expended.
  10. Provide timely annual reports to facillitate the filing of the owner's tax return.
  11. Terminate tenancies when neccessary
  12. Manage tenant's security deposits to encourage tenant compliance with the terms of the lease.


If you have questions, or would like to meet with us to discuss your specific needs, contact us.
Regina Patel, Property Manager
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(800)938-5554 - Toll-free